Daytime Activities


Starting positions
Three racers going for the win

Situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam is Europe‟s largest indoor karting venue where we have arranged a special karting event for you. After a safety briefing you will get ready to do 3 races that last 10 minutes each: A trial heat, a real races and a finale. The winner of the day will receive a trophy and a free beer. The karting venue offers you the chance to book a ride in the wall of death. This huge barrel shaped track separates the men from the wimps so the stag‟d better not be too hung over!


Grand Prix Karting Event

Go racers have fun on karts.
Two of stag group are fighting for first place.
Stag group have a fun on wheels in Amsterdam.
Amsterdam's track offers you great time on modern go-karts.

Situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam is Europe’s largest indoor karting venue. We have arranged a special VIP Grand Prix for you that includes one practice race, three real races and a grand final. The best three drivers will each receive a trophy at the end of the event and a champagne celebration. Every group that books with us also receives a free ride in the wall of death for the stag. Try to make sure he is not too hung over


Paintball Bachelor Games

Man playing paintball is aiming for his target
Paintballers may good hide in large bush.
Men hiding from the paint balls
The large stag group have an adrenaline day in Amsterdam's forests.

We have arranged a special Bachelor VIP event for your group situated on the outskirts of Amsterdam in 12.5 hectares of forest. You’ll be sent on several different missions (e.g. shoot the stag). Protective clothing, mask, 100 paintballs and several games are all included in this fantastic offer. Optional barbeque, lunch and return transport can be arranged too.


Quad Bike Mania

Quad biking in Amsterdam
Group of stags read to set off
Quad biking is popular activity.
Challenging Quad Biking in Amsterdam

If you’re looking to show off your driving techniques then this is the activity for you. In this 1 hour quad bike activity the group will get to drive on 350 CC Sport Quads that reach speeds of up to 60 miles an hour. After a thorough introduction and safety procedure session, you will get to learn how to use your Quad bikes and how to speed over the 15 acres rough Off-road terrain. Each group will be sharing one quad bike with three people. Protective materials like helmet and gloves are included.


Dutch Bike Tour

Group is enjoying from bike tour in Amsterdam
It is possible to rent various of bikes
Everyone rides on bike
The most popular vehicles in Amsterdam

See Amsterdam from the Dutch angle with this relaxing and informative Bike Tour. It's a great way to shake off a hangover and see some traditional Dutch sites. You'll get to see some of Amsterdam’s great attractions scattered through out town. It's an excellent way to get to know the city and map out your next night out.


Bike Hire

Thousands of bikes in Amsterdam
BIkes in Amsterdam

Be a real 'Amsterdammer' and explore the city by bike! Amsterdam has so much to offer and the city is best seen by bike. The bicycles are available for you from 10 in the morning and need to be back by 6PM. The pickup/drop off point is in the Red Light District so, after you have done your cultural stuff, it is time to hit the bars in this area. Bike insurance is included in the price and you will receive some good locks to prevent the bikes from being stolen.


Highland Games

Highland games offer different type of games.
Dutch tug of war rope is the most exciting and popular game.
Running is a typical sport for every occasion.
Amateur wrestling is one of the popular games.

Enjoy your private highland games with five traditional events, a professional highland games instructor and your own kilts. You will be competing against your fellow Jocks - Now, it's not often you get to go commando and toss your caber in a foreign land is it?


Beer-Bike - Bar on wheels

Hen party on beer bike in Amsterdam
Amsterdam beer bike on Dam Square
Stag weekenders having fun on beer bike
Sightseeing and party beer bikes in Amsterdam

Some folks visit Amsterdam and cycle round all day looking for a good bar. Well, not you, as you will be cycling around Amsterdam on your own bar. Yes! It's a 17 person beer-bike with unlimited beer on board, a sober driver and tunes provided! Seven of your group can chill while up to ten can pedal - you really have to try this to believe it!


Indoor Snowboarding

Indoor snowboarding is attractive for many people.
Indoor snowboarding park
Stag group have a fun on snowboarding park.
Winterland park in Amsterdam

Situated just outside Amsterdam at Europe’s largest indoor snowboarding centre (with real snow). One huge slope of 230 metres and a shorter slower slope of 100 metres. The venue also has jumps for those of you who have some tricks up their sleeves. You can also indulge in some optional après-ski and return transport if required.



Have a fun on beach on blow kart.
Dutch blow karts
Beach, light wind, good friend make this activity much better.
Blow karting in Amsterdam

Now if you’re into speed then this is for you. Just 30KM (about 20 miles) from Amsterdam is over 20 miles of beautiful white sandy beach. We have arranged for you a special beach Blow karting event. For those of you who don’t know Blow karting, it’s possible to hit speeds of up to 95 km/h (about 60 mph). You’ll be in a go-kart that’s powered by the wind but don’t worry, the instructors will give you an induction session before take-off.


Whose line is it anyway?

Group of men improvising
Improv of a car scene
Having fun by improv theatre
On stage

One of our most unique & memorable activities is guaranteed to raise a laugh or two. In this private workshop we will show you all the ropes on improv theatre. After some warming up games it is straight onto improvising. Our experienced teachers have hundreds of different games on hand to choose from. To get into the spirit of the occasion our teachers will hand pick a selection of topical games based around the theme of marriage and bachelor parties. Some examples are: “What‟s the worst way of proposing to someone”, “marriage rituals abroad; what can we learn from them?”.


Five-a-side Football

You will have great time in large indoor playground.
Football match in Amsterdam
Football team is prepared on football match.
Largest indoor playground in Amsterdam.

If you fancy taking time-out from all that boozing, why not rent an indoor five-a-side football pitch. We have several pitches available and many of the locations have a bar and lunch facilities too. Pitch rental is available by the hour between 10.00 and 20.00 seven days a week.


Heineken Experience

Excursion to Heineken brewery.
Large brewery of Heineken in Amsterdam
Heineken beers
Barrels of quality beer

Have the ultimate Heineken experience ideal for stags in Amsterdam, in the recently renovated former Heineken brewery. On this self guided tour you’ll be introduced to the world-famous Heineken brewing process and you’ll get to taste some of the world’s finest lager.


Dutch Beer Tasting

Dutch beer tasting is for everyone.
In Amsterdam you find variety of the best beer.
Friendly staff bring to you the best beer in Amsterdam.
You taste different types of beer.

If you like your beer then this is the activity for you – a Dutch bar that serves only Dutch beer and plenty of it. You’ll get to taste six beers (blondes and dark beers) and discuss everything to do with beer with one of the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic beer aficionado’s in the world.


Private Canal-boat tour

Enjoy Amsterdam on river which surround city.
There is bar on boat which offers small refreshment.
Group have a fun on boat and enjoy the sights.
The old historical and cultural buildings is formed downtown of Amsterdam.

Welcome to the Venice of the North. No, not Birmingham…. Amsterdam is a city surrounded by water and full of canals. The majority of the city is below sea-level and there is no better way to see Amsterdam than from the canals – and there’s really no better way to see Amsterdam than on your own private canal boat with skipper, bar person and entertainment for Stag or Hen parties.


Stag Ambassador

Cozy interior
Comfortable seating

The Stag Ambassador welcomes your group to Amsterdam in Coco’s bar on the famous Rembrandtplein. During the welcome you will receive a pint of lager, main course meal and a map of Amsterdam. Your English speaking ambassador will be on-hand to give you hints and tips to make the best of your time in Amsterdam.


Pub Crawl Treasure Hunt

You get free beer on way.
You will have a lot of fun in this activity.
In a small group you must to find as first the bar.
Pub crawl treasure hunt is not just about beer but it is sport too.

This one is a real laugh! Ever been Orienteering? You know where you’ve got to get the clue and arrive somewhere first. Well this is orienteering with a difference, navigating several of Amsterdam’s best bars and caffés and collecting some pretty obscene stuff and free beers along the way. You’ll be competing in small groups against each other. Got the bottle?


Bar-crawl by Canal Boat

Bar crawl by canal boat in Amsterdam
Small bar on boat
Enjoy the sight from boat
This one is great activity for stag or hen group.

There really is no better way to see Amsterdam than from a canal boat. No, hold on – there really is no better way to see Amsterdam than from a canal boat with unlimited free drinks. Top that with an introduction and drink at some of the best Dutch bars in Amsterdam. Now is there a better way?


Shaken-non-Stirred Cocktail Workshop

hens enjoying the cocktails they've made
Learn Caipirinha on stag or hen weekend Cocktail Making Session
having fun after making cocktails
Experienced barman teaches you how to mix the most popular cocktails.

This is a workshop where you learn how to make some of the best and most potent cocktails and then get to drink them. The workshop will be held in one of Amsterdam's most popular bars. It lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes and great fun is guaranteed.


Pedalo Treasure Hunt

Rent a pedalo in Amsterdam
Treasure hunt on Amsterdam canals.
Popular vehicles in summer.
Pedalo treasure hunt is great way to start your party.

This will tax your brain and your thighs. Your group will collect your pedalo’s and embark on an orienteering adventure through the canals of Amsterdam. On the way you will have to figure out clues and arrive at key destinations. You’ll be competing in 4’s against other members of your group with the winning group receiving a bottle of champers as the prize.


Turkish Hammam

dimm atmosphere
room for massage treatment
candles make the relaxing atmosphere
the ralaxing atmosphere in the turkish room

Turkish baths were extremely popular with our Victorian Ancestors and are making a twenty-first century resurgence! What better way to release the excesses of the previous evening, or prepare for the one ahead! Upon arrival at will receive two treatments designed to cleanse, scrub and revitalize. Afterwards you can relax in the various baths with temperatures or in the venues chill-out area.


Hen Party Pole-Dancing Class

You learn practices how to dance on pole.
Hen group have a fun on pole dancing lesson.
Recently, pole dancing course is getting famous activity for ladies.
You will have a private lesson from professional pole-dancing teacher.

Release the sex-pot in you and visit our exclusive pole-dancing classes. Your group will receive a private lesson for two hours on the art of pole dancing from our experienced pole-dancing teacher.


Hen Party Striptease Workshop

Hen group have a fun at striptease lesson.
Be a hot for your man.
You may learn new hot moves and get your man.
Make your hen party better and try striptease lesson.

If you fancy a real hoot at your mate’s expense then this is the best activity of them all – to top it off, you’ll be able to drive your man crazy with your new moves when you get back home. In this 90 minute workshop you can be as dirty or as clean as you want – it’s just good fun at the end of the day – REALLY good fun!


Salsa Class

You burn up the floor with salsa.
Just professional dancers teach in salsa course.
You quick learn how to dance salsa.
Be a professional salsa dancer.

Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to burn up the floor. You’ll be welcomed with a drink and given a quick introduction to Salsa. Then it’s time to get jiggy with it and Salsa your heart out. This one’s really good fun for the ladies.


How-to-Flirt Workshop

Get tips for how to flirt with girl.
You get a lesson how to get her.
How to flirt with girl in bar is now easier by our lesson.
Amsterdam's flirting methods is for both sex.

Learn the art of flirting at this fun and interactive workshop. You’ll learn body language techniques and all about aura’s whilst being able to practice your technique and trying not to laugh your head off at your mate. At the end of the workshop you can make an assignment for yourself, the bride or groom to be to show off their new skills that night.



Amsterdam golf
Play with your friends a golf.
Dutch golf
The largest golf playground

We offer entrance to Europe’s largest golf course which has more than 60 holes.This is an excellent way to spend a leisurely day whether you’re off scratch - or off your trolley.

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